Managers: Don’t Let Your Team Be Out of Sight AND Out of Mind By Ken Glickman       Glickman Associates, LLC Over the past several years organizations have increasingly embraced the idea of having employees work remotely. Technology has been the magic gateway that has made this work option quite common. Employees now take it for granted. Even during screening interviews, candidates ask me if they will be required to work at the company on
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Watch Ken Glickman talk with Julie Mann, the host of Work Matters on Business Rap about talent acquisition and how companies are being creative with their recruiting. Watch the video here!
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Q: I am hiring a VP of Marketing and I have interviewed about ten candidates. Although they are all very good professionals, I haven’t made a decision yet. With all of the talent out there, I feel that this is the time I can have the very best. I guess I am waiting for the perfect person to walk through the door. Am I being to picky? A: You aren’t being picky, you just don’t
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Q: As President of a service-oriented company, I have always had a problem with keeping my senior management team. The average vice president only stays for about two years, and then leaves for another company. Recently, I had my HR director perform exit interviews and these leaders say that I am a micro-manager, something I am not aware of. How do I correct this management problem? A. People become presidents and CEOs of companies because
Q: I have three senior managers who have been with me for several years. They’re all hot-shots and I want them to stay with the company, but lately I’ve been getting the feeling that they are getting bored and antsy. I’m worried they will leave the firm. How do I keep them? A: The mid-career blahs is a disease that affects most of us. It’s always tough to keep seasoned employees challenged, energized and positive.
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Ken has had extensive experience as a published writer. He wrote the on-going column, Career Smart, for the Lansing State Journal and has written other business articles for the Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly, Career World, Greater Lansing Business Monthly and other publications. He also writes feature entertainment articles and reviews for the Lansing State Journal. In addition, he has been interviewed twice for the Michigan Business Network and had a regular appearance
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Glickman Associates, LLC is a consulting firm focused on Executive Search, Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Consulting and Management Coaching.
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Ken has been a leader in the human resource consulting field for over thirty years. He has consulted with manufacturing companies, financial institutions, associations, non-profit organizations, technology firms, governmental agencies, and health care systems throughout Michigan and the United States. He held leadership roles with the global executive search firm Gilbert Tweed Associates, Harvey Hohauser and Associates, Right Management Consulting, Michigan State University and Management Recruiters.
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As anyone who has queued overnight in the cold for the latest smartphone will tell you, keeping up with technology isn’t easy. But with many HR departments taking more responsibility for resourcing, it is essential to get to grips with the myriad recruiting channels, tools and technologies that have emerged in recent years. Although areas such as social and mobile recruiting are still subject to considerable hype, they are growing in importance and HR needs


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