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Glickman Associates, LLC, is a consulting firm
focused on Executive Search,
Management Consulting,
and Coaching.

When an organization needs to fill a key position—someone required to fulfill a specific mission or an executive or professional to lead others in reaching future goals—finding the right someone is a complex task.It requires a specialist skilled and experienced in orchestrating the many roles involved in locating qualified prospects, assisting management in designing the position to attract the best candidates, and persuading and coaching both candidates and management to consider, evaluate and succeed at achieving the best fit. Filling a key position is about more than filling a hole in the organization. It is about finding and acquiring that special someone whose talents will add value to the organization both immediately and for the long term.

For more than 30 years, Ken Glickman has held leadership positions with global organizations specializing in executive search, outplacement and contingency search. His search clients have been governments, national laboratories, banks, health care organizations, technology companies, manufacturing firms and non-profits. As a coach he has worked with individuals in career transition, mid- and early career decisions and exit strategies.

If you represent a company, please contact Ken to discuss your talent acquisition or consulting needs. If you are an individual, call to discuss your individual career goals and concerns.

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