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Career Coaching

Have you ever noticed? Some people always seem to get the best jobs, win the most important promotions, make the most money and know when to close their briefcases and move to the next company. And so often, these folks are not the best at their work.

What’s the secret?

They know how to manage their career – a key element of success we never learned in college.

A Career Coach is an invaluable adviser who helps you identify and develop the work skills you already possess but don’t take advantage of. A coach also assists you in overcoming career hurdles, dealing with difficult employees, improving networking skills, and prepares you for the next career step,

Many of us use personal trainers and financial advisors but never think about the how Career Coaches can be critical in guiding us through the choppy waters of the corporate career jungle.

Professional athletes depend heavily on personal coaches. Why not us?

Ken Glickman has many years of in-depth experience coaching professionals to bigger and better career goals. Ken was a Vice President for the world’s leading career transition company and went on to lead seminars in 360 assessments, Myers-Briggs testing, team building, interviewing and networking.

Here are examples of the programs we offer:

Career Tune Up: A short term program that evaluates your career thus far, assesses your current resume, discusses short and long term career goals, and explores solutions to everyday pesky career problems. Perfect for the mid-career professional.

Executive Impact Consulting: You’re a success, you’re making good money, but you are just not happy in your job. Maybe you are struck in a job or field that is not right for you. Glickman Associates will use many ways to determine what is needed to shepherd you through a career change.

Career Transition Services. Losing a job can be a traumatic life event. Glickman Associates will help with your emotional well-being caused by an unexpected departure. Then we’ll embark on a comprehensive analysis of you career, accomplishments and achievements and create a resume which is also a personal marketing document.

Other areas of emphasis are: networking, organizing the job search, determining what company and job title is best for you, interviewing, networking and negotiating. It’s like a master’s degree in career management!

Career Life Strategies. Regularly scheduled meetings that deal with day-to-day career issues in addition to all of the topics previously discussed on this page. Special attention will be paid to strategic career goals, developing better relationships with your supervisors, and improving management skills.

Junior Executive: Special program designed for new college graduates who are not sure of what they want to do and how to sell themselves for the job they want. We often find that university placement offices do not always provide the services that are needed.